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Auxiliary furnitureAuxiliary furniture at the best price, to provide the ideal complement to the decoration of your bathroom the necessary touch, using every cornerBathroom accessoriesIn the bathroom accessories selling, we offer a variety of items, towel bars, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, soap dishes, dispensers, brush holders ...Bathroom basinsBathroom sinks of glass, ceramic or resin, with modern or classic designs await you in our online store. You will also find Roca sinksBathroom faucetsCheck our catalog of taps for bathrooms at your disposal options of faucets sinks, showers, bidets and bathtubs. High quality and best price.Bathroom FurnitureBathroom furniture and cabinets catalog, the alternatives thet you are looking for decorating and outfitting your bathroom at the best pricesBathroom lightingIn bathroom lighting, our catalog has different possibilities, Wall Mirror with halogen lighting, LED light and energy saving bulbsBathroom mirrorsThe bathroom mirrors from our store, they can go to match the colored glass basins and can choose from a number of designs and sizesHandicappedAccessible bathroom catalog, a wide selection of products for people with disabilities, alternatives that you are looking for adapting your bathroomShower screensChoose the shower screen in our wide store selling with different brands, in Global Bathroom you will always find what you are looking for at the best priceShower spacesYour bathroom space or your shower enclosure of the Roca brand in our online catalog, expands the possibilities of your bathroom by reducing the space usedTowel RadiatorsElectric and central heated towel radiators, made to the highest quality, with the best material and 2 years of guarantee. Buy them now in our on-line store

Everything needed to complete the decoration of your bathroom

Through this page on our website you can access all sections of our catalog, if you're seeking to reform all or part of your bathroom, you've found the right place, visit the section of our catalog that best suits your needs and discover all the available products to help you improve your home stay so important.

We help you to complete the decoration of your bathroom, check the sections of our online store.

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