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Krion, new material for bathroom basins

Krion®, new material used in the manufacture of bathroom basins

Tuesday 05 December, 2017

Krion®, the new material used in the manufacture of bathroom basins

Basin Lao made with Krion
Basin Lao made with Krion
Introducing Krion® the new material used for the manufacture of bathroom sinks, a resistant material, ecological, easy to clean, recyclable ... From now on you will be able to find washbasin manufactured with this new and resistant material in the section of bathroom basins of our online store.

We start at the beginning: What is KRION®?

KRION® is a new solid surface (Solid Surface: material resulting from the mixture of polyester resin with very fine homogeneous solids and natural mineral composition called ATH, Alumina Trihydrate) of new generation developed by SYSTEMPOOL, Porcelanosa Group company.

It is a material with thermal characteristics that is warm to the touch and is similar to natural stone. The novelty lies in the mixture, since this new material is composed of two thirds of natural minerals (ATH: Alumina Trihydrate) and a low percentage of high strength resins. This unprecedented new composition gives KRION® fantastic and exclusive features: completely smooth surface without pores, antibacterial, very high strength, hardness and durability and ease of repair and cleaning.

Worked in a similar way to wood, the process allows cutting different plates, joining and thermoforming them to make curved pieces of any size and even offers the possibility of being used in the production system by injection, which allows to build different designs that could not perform with other types of materials.

With the possibility of creating spaces without joints, it prevents the absorption of liquids and facilitates their cleaning and maintenance.

It is available in a large number of colors but highlights the white finish much purer and neutral than the white finish of other similar materials.

It is also an ecological material and can be 100% recycled. All products manufactured with KRION® can be reprocessed and used again for the manufacture of other products.

The advantages of Krion®

  • It is antibacterial, resistant to fungi and bacteria does not allow its proliferation. It has very low volatility of organic components (VOCs). It is aseptic, and therefore, suitable for installation and use in operating rooms.

  • Its whiteness is unique, technically KRION® reaches a level of whiteness of 99.8% which, added to its high reflectance index, makes it a very pure and luminous material, something that had not been achieved so far in solid materials.

  • It has a high resistance to fire. All products manufactured with KRION® are considered non-combustible; with a unique fire behavior, material that does not contribute against fire and self-extinguishing. Classified according to UNE-EN 13501 as Euroclass B-s1-d0. It also meets the USA Class A standard.

  • KRION® is an ecological and 100% recyclable material. Any product manufactured in KRION® can be reprocessed and used again for the manufacture of other products once its life cycle has ended.

  • Resistant to extreme environments. All the surfaces manufactured in KRION® support very extreme environments, such as marine environments, exposure to steam, immersion in water, very low temperatures...

  • It is very easy to clean, before any spot or surface burn, ballpoint pen or marker, the material is immediately returned to its original state following some simple cleaning instructions.

  • Low weight. The density of KRION® compared to other solid surfaces such as technical porcelains, artificial quartz or natural marble is lower and this is reflected in its ease of handling. For example in the creation of lighter countertops and furniture, while maintaining all other KRION® properties.

  • Different surfaces and pieces of KRION® can be joined using bonding adhesives made with a similar formulation as that used in the manufacture of the pieces, to ensure the chemical and physical continuity of the joints, which makes them imperceptible and allows to work with very different sizes.

  • Thermal conductivity is a physical property of materials that measures the conduction capacity of heat. The lower its thermal conductivity, a material will be more insulating. Using KRION® on surfaces or coatings contributes to the energy efficiency of any room or facade.

  • Flexural strength is a combination of tensile and compressive stresses, these stresses deform the elements so that they warp. Many solid materials do not withstand great efforts and crack. KRION® has high values of flexural strength that make it easier to transport, that aesthetic cantilevers and surfaces can be manufactured more safely than with other materials.

  • KRION® is a non-porous material, which facilitates the non-accumulation of bacteria. This property makes it ideal for environments with high hygienic-sanitary requirements such as operating theaters or clean rooms.

  • The ability of KRION® to absorb shock energy without breakage is the highest in the world of solid surfaces. The resistance of our material is very high before the ball test of large diameter (324g), where it reaches the height of 1.9 meters and ten consecutive impacts without breakage.

  • It has intrinsic physical characteristics that make it a material that contributes positively to acoustic insulation against different types of noise. This is due to its density, zero porosity, different thicknesses and without joints. If we take into account that the sound intensity is a logarithmic magnitude, a small reduction in dB can make a notable difference in our perception of noise. Being able to isolate up to 14 dB.

  • It is apt for alimentary use, fulfilling the North American and European norms, reason why it can be used in contact with foods.

  • The compression test is a technical test to determine the strength of a material or its deformation or break before a compression effort. Our high resistance value, places us next to the materials with very good behavior against the compress, as are the stones. These values can be used for the calculation of structures for designers and / or architects.

  • Static electricity is the accumulation of charges on the surface of a material and can be generated by friction with another material. Many materials are classified by their resistivity characteristics and the values that KRION® possesses are within the anti-static zone, very close to the insulation according to the ranges marked by the ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Association).

  • The different pieces of KRION® are thermoformable and curves and figures of different soft radii can be generated by this technique.

  • The KRION® LUX allows you to create backlit environments. By combining different thicknesses of the material you can achieve spectacular lighting effects.

Krion® is hardness, strength, durability, ecological and recyclable

Source: Globalbaño
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