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Roca collections: furnitures, basins and toilets

America Roca CollectionAmerica Roca CollectionAmerica Roca Collection brings the best of the past. Its elegant style conveys the serenity and peacefulness of classic environments.Civic Roca CollectionCivic Roca CollectionThe Roca Civic collection shares with Access the ergonomics of their toilets, but its outer curve becomes convexDama Roca CollectionDama Roca CollectionThe Roca Dama collection is design, functionality and breadth of range. Neutral and pure lines with a wide variety of measures and enormous versatilityDama Senso RocaDama Senso RocaThe collection of Roca Dama Senso offers a number of solutions to the problems of contemporary habitatElement Roca CollectionElement Roca CollectionPowerful, compact, rational. So Roca Element collection. A proposed geometric, pure, distinctive and radical.Frontalis Roca CollectionFrontalis Roca CollectionThe Roca Frontalis collection is inspired in nature. Their shapes suggest the movement of waterGiralda Roca CollectionGiralda Roca CollectionThe curve runs from left to right and top to bottom profiles of the pieces in the collection Roca GiraldaHall Roca CollectionHall Roca CollectionThe pieces are compact, integrated volumes and their essential forms. His pieces have a strong differentiating characterHappening Roca CollectionHappening Roca CollectionRoca Happening collection maintains the classical structures of the different elements of the bathroom but it returns a new lookKhroma Roca CollectionKhroma Roca CollectionThe innovative character of the collection set this Roca Khroma its two essential concepts: color and textureMeridian Roca CollectionMeridian Roca CollectionRoca Meridian Collection offers a single concept for a thousand and one solutions. Any development is plannedRoca Access collectionRoca Access collectionRoca Access collection is the solution for people with reduced mobility. Combine quality, functionality and design creating well-being and comfort in your bathRoca Beyond collectionRoca Beyond collectionWith Roca Beyond collection you will go a step further in decorating your bathroom. Volumes and rounded shapes in one of the most exclusive collections by RocaRoca Dama Retro collectionRoca Dama Retro collectionThe collection Roca Dama Retro is generous in its dimensions, with large and well sized pieces. Provides personality and elegance to the bathroom spaceRoca Debba collectionRoca Debba collectionIn Roca Debba collection you will find furnitures, basins, toilets and bidets with a simple, current and functional style and with an amazing quality and priceRoca Inspira CollectionRoca Inspira CollectionRoca Inspira Collection: 3 combinable design lines that give life to your bathroom. Discover its bathroom furniture, basins, toilets and bidetsRoca Stratum collectionRoca Stratum collectionThe Roca Stratum collection are furnitures and basins that provide design, comfort and technology to your bathroom to enjoy a relaxation as you had always dreamedRoca Victoria N collectionRoca Victoria N collectionDiscover in the Roca Victoria-N collection the most functional and simple furniture and mirrors, perfect for any bathroom with a unique designSits and covernSits and covernIn this section you can find seats and covers of roca collections.The Gap Roca CollectionThe Gap Roca CollectionThe Gap, the new collection of bathroom furniture and Roca is compact and functionalVeranda Roca CollectionVeranda Roca CollectionThe cult of the way without compromise. Categorical and geometric curves, airy floorplans and an intelligent mix of materials give way to ornamentationVictoria Roca CollectionVictoria Roca CollectionThe curves that is designed the Roca Victoria collection are elegant, spacious and functional, check the toilets, sinks, furniture and bidetsW+W Roca CollectionW+W Roca CollectionInnovation and technology combine the benefit of sustainable progress. The collection Roca W + W is the sum of saving water and space optimization

All the collections by the Roca brand, from the Victoria collection to Debba

Discover the great collections of Roca toilets in this section of our online bathroom store, where you will find bathroom furnitures, toilets, bidets, accessories such as lids and seats, spare parts and everything related to Roca toilets for your bathroom, ordered by collections, so that you will find easier the article, spare part or toilet that you are looking for.

You can find furnitures, basins, toilets and bidets from the main collections by the Roca brand, such as the toilets and bidets from the Victoria collection or the Inspira collection, perfect to complete the decoration of this important stay in your home.

The best finishes and the best quality are in the products of this well-known bathroom brand

Latest reviews in our roca sanitaryware store

Anonymous wrote a commentary about the product roca dama retro toilet seat and cover on Sunday December 03 2017:
"is old toilet seat and cover easily removed ?"

GlobalBathroom answer this commentary on Monday December 04 2017:"We send to your mail the manual of this seat and cover by the Roca brand. Thank you"

Anonymous wrote a commentary about the product roca victoria toilet seat and cover in white color on Wednesday September 16 2015:
"dear roca team , we need to order a minimum of 400 seat covers for our hotel , please send your team so we may discuss the time frame and money. your urgent response will be appreciated. 0501030074"

Anonymous wrote a commentary about the product toilet seat and cover roca civic white on Friday November 28 2014:
"if only i could find spare part/kit to repair the cover...which now (after 3 years)has stop being 'cushioned"; nobody wants to know including the factory so beware before buying/selling. "

Latest new items in the section of roca collections

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Wash basin Roca Meridian 45 mural pergamonWash basin Roca Meridian 45 mural pergamonRoca Meridian 45 mural washbasin in pergamon color, the most practical solution. In the Roca...

Roca Meridian Compact Sink 550x320 mm pergamonRoca Meridian Compact Sink 550x320 mm pergamonRoca Meridian compact 450x250 mm washbasin in pergamon color, the most economical solution in....

Roca Meridian Compact basin 450x250 pergamonRoca Meridian Compact basin 450x250 pergamonRoca Meridian compact 450x250 mm washbasin in pergamon color, the most economical solution in....

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