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Lirio screen (1 sliding panel + 2 fixed panels)

Lirio screen (1 sliding panel + 2 fixed panels)

Bearing seen from the screenHandle of the screenClamp of the screens

Moma mamparas

Type of useMaterialScreen sizeType of screenOpening

ShowerSteelUp to 160 cmFrontalSliding

Lirio screen (1 sliding panel + 2 fixed panels)478,43€








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Total price: 478,43€
(Taxes and shipping included with delivery to any area of Spain peninsula)

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Lirio screen with 1 sliding panel and 2 fixed panels, decorate your bathroom to your liking

Decorate your bathroom as you have always dreamed with the Lirio screen with 1 sliding panel and 2 fixed panels, the perfect complement to complete your shower trays or bathtubs and leave them to your liking at the best price thanks to our online bathroom store.

The Lirio screen with 1 sliding panel and 2 fixed panels is made with the best materials in Spain. It is a screen made of stainless steel, with hangedbearings of high quality, without low guide, with a height of 195 cm (if you want more height you can ask us for a quote), secured tempered glasses of 6 mm (you can ask us for a quote if you want 8 mm), high stainless steel guide, metal cups, wing rubber closure, sealing rubber between the panels, "u" of steel to the wall and anti-limescale treatment included.

The measure of width of the screen is 160 cm (the width corresponds to the total sum of the sides), but you can select from the available options the measure that best suits your bathroom (you must select the measure directly above the size of your bathroom), you can also ask us for a quote if your bathroom exceeds the measures that we offer you in the options. Important to specify in the comments of the order the specific width so that we can adapt it to your bathroom. The side and the measurement of the fixed closing side must be indicated.

Optionally you can select the decorated option with which you can specify in the comments of the order that type of decoration, among all available, you prefer, you can see all the types of decoration below.

If you have any questions about the configuration of the screen do not hesitate to ask us, through the comments of the product or through our email or phone number, we will be happy to help you choose the ideal screen for your bathroom.

Screen specifications:

  • Hangedbearings of high quality
  • Without low guide
  • High stainless steel guide
  • Metal cups
  • Wing rubber closure
  • Rubber between panels
  • "U" of steel to the wall
  • Standard height shower 195 cm
  • Standard height bathtub 150 cm
  • 6 mm secure tempered glasses
  • Anti-limescale treatment included

Types of decoration for the glass of the screen:
Decorated screen 1 Decorated screen 1b Decorated screen 2 Decorated screen 2b Decorated screen 3 Decorated screen 3b Decorated screen 4 Decorated screen 4b Decorated screen 5 Decorated screen 5b Decorated screen 6 Decorated screen 6b Decorated screen 7 Decorated screen 7b Decorated screen 8 Decorated screen 8b Decorated screen 9 Decorated screen 9b Decorated screen 10 Decorated screen 10b Decorated screen 11 Decorated screen 11b Decorated screen 12 Decorated screen 12b Decorated screen 13 Decorated screen 14 Decorated screen 15 Decorated screen 15b Decorated screen 15c Decorated screen 16 Decorated screen 17 Decorated screen 17b Decorated screen 18 Decorated screen 18b

Decorate your bathroom to your liking and at the best price with the Lirio screens

Decorate your bathroom with the stainless steel Lirio screen with visible bearing, 1 sliding panel and 2 fixed panels, made in Spain with the best quality


The approximate delivery for this product is 20 days. To specify the delivery time, please contact us.

* The sizes are approximate, in some cases sizes may have slight variations less than +- 1 cm. If you want to know the actual measurements of an article you can contact us or leave us a review.

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